Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Pelaburan Berbaloi for "Middle-Income Class" - The Star

KUALA LUMPUR: Preservation of wealth in gold and silver bullion is easier and more affordable among middle - income workers compared with investing in properties, says a market player. Online - based trader Mynet Capital Sdn Bhd's executive chairman Terry Ghani said gold and silver bullion were more economical for the middle income group than properties as they could be bought in small portions and according to the customer's capacity.

"It's a tactical asset because you can capitalise on price appreciation...at the same time a strategic asset as a long-term wealth preservation," he told Bernama in an interview recently. He said a gold or silver bullion was also better than a property in terms of mobility, explaining that in case the owner needed to move to another place, it would be easier to sell the bullion in the open market as it was the most widely accepted form of precious metal.

Gold and silver bullion can also help tackle inflation, he said, adding that they could hedge against inflation in the long-run. "Gold and silver are less volatile compared to stocks and other commodities. It is an effective portfolio diversifier," he said. Mynet Capital is the purveyor of fine precious metal from internationally accredited mints around the world. It is also a promoter of wealth preservation in gold and silver bullion, educating people on alternative investment and empowering people in the practice of wealth management using bullion.

Terry said preserving wealth in gold and silver has been a long-time practice among the wealthy but still unpopular among ordinary people due to an assumption that gold and silver were expensive. He said the company was able to offer the bullion at lower prices as it capitalised the Internet for its business and kept its overhead cost low. Terry said although the company offered bullion at a lower price, the quality was equivalent to investment grade gold which was higher than jewellery grade.

"All our products are of international standards, minted by international mints from Australia, United States, Canada, Switzerland and Bolivia," he said. Products of Mynet Capital can be found on CIMB Clicks Shoppe, Maybank2u and postme.com.my websites. He said the company also provided special safe storage facility offshore with vaults located in Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan. Terry said the company was also exploring the possibility of outsourcing the storage facility to Malaysia, adding that they were currently in talks with several parties. - BERNAMA

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